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Sims diary!

  • 17/04/2023 update

    Well, I've been playing and building again for a while! Luckily my mouse sorted itself out (mostly)

    I like the town, but I don't use a lot of it. The gym ever, the pub and the library hardly ever, things like that. And I don't really need two churches. So yeah. It's time to begin again again.

    I think I'm going to de-townify the town on the hill, idk how it is going to work. Instead of the cafe-petshop in the cat garden/park, it should be the pub. THAT's going to be annoying to build. And instead of the (fairly cute :(!!) old monastery-nectary I've made, it should go into the science-hospital... hmm... maybe because I will make the science place separate like I've been intending? Or maybe I need to give up on that (CUTE!) shell.

    I have a beauuuuuuutiful bank I mostly stole with a very cute clothes shop + offices, I think I need to get rid of these, maybe work them into the market lot on a smaller scale if it won't turn it into lag city.

    It's such a shame that the basketball courts were glitchy at the gym. I'm thinking I will change the pool in the 2nd town to be smaller so it can have some changing rooms on the lot (maybe this will make it get actually used?) and I guess I could put some exercise stuff there but I don't think I will.

    If I move the hotel out of the town to a bigger lot (or to a bigger one in town?) it could have the (totally fake) tennis/badminton courts in its grounds. I could even site the athletic career there, might look fun - otherwise I'll put it at the horse club! (Or the new swimming pool?)

  • 04/10/2023 update

    My mouse is totally fine, I have no idea what piece of cursed Molly hair broke it so badly. But that's all long behind me!

    Today, I caught up with nearly 4 months of Ginnie's updates and found some fun new cc - this playable tennis set! It's based (mostly) on this gorgeous deco set I passed up with deep grief in my heart (I did have fun making courts from things I had at home (ie fences lmao)). The playable version is a default replacement of the pingpong tables! That's fine for me because I never use them. I remember them belatedly like oh another cool playable object, but I never really make space for it. Now I can have a real tennis club!! I'm going to join a tennis club irl in the spring so let's see if I finish new new new new (x???) Monte Vista before then :)

    I think I want a much more rural concept. I spoke about that briefly in the last update and could have sworn there was more last year, but apparently not. I think I want to make where I've put the hotel - the old town hall - a church. A new one I'll actually build myself (scary). But then, where to put the hotel. I have a pretty equestrian club I've been slowly modifying. It is hotel-like. But I don't think I can really make it a restaurant so idk!

  • 06/10/2023 building

    I made a tennis club based on my old gym, which was based on the old school (same location). I moved the building forwards and put some trees around the edge next to the football field which I think helps it look more separate. This tennis club still has normal gym equipment as well as rockclimbing, a dance studio and a martial arts room, but no football or basketball outside - just tennis. I was getting scripterrors with the basketball and idk why! And I never saw anyone play with those little football goals. I hope the tennis is popular!

    I've also been working up in the main walled town, moving houses up there and reurbanising them as I go (and adding cots, cat bowls... :) and phones!). So far there are only two community lots: the town hall-police-military civic building I built based on the police-military rh (it has walls which idk any more what I stole those from, but they are unlikely to be original lmao) and a new fountain square I built 'cause I hate the original. Mine is not great and doesn't make any sense, but I like it better. And, I'm going to build a church in the gap in the wall, the central spot the town hall was in. Idk what kind of church though! I had a mostly stolen norman church and an entirely stolen italian one, now I'm looking at the one from Last Venue of Amore.

    That lot is a problem for me: I don't know where to put it. I've used all the good 64x64s. Also, the lot is a pain to use and really only works for tight photoshoots without becoming very film lot/theme park. So, I'd like to find somewhere to build in a more venetian style, copying from the buildings one by one (or, lump by lump, keep going with the fake multi building style both WA and MV use to represent european buildings lmao). The most obvious is the 2nd town area. I was not happy with the generic semi-italian civic buildings I built for the top row, though I adore what I did with building out the hospital shell, and I'm fairly fond of the shops, market, restaurant and fair I made from the Mucho Expresso Cafe.

    An option would be to give the church more use, especially because it's going to have more room than either of the old two had. So, it could take functions like old monastery hospital and herb gardens... but I don't think it's gonna be that big. Plus, I worked so hard on the existing one ;-; But, I would like to see the churches get more visitors, and that's an obvious kind of solution for my MV!

    Uni planning: rhs are "Administration Center, Annex, College of Arts, College of Business, College of Science, Stadium + Annex combo". I have rugs for all of these, or should :) It's too long since I played so I don't remember what they all do! The stadium is where they can play sports; that's simple enough. But what is the annex??? Why might I want a separate one OR a stadium combo? Okay, some more searching implies it's where they go to graduate - so I don't want them to go to the tennis club for that :) For HW uni, sims have to enrol at the administration center. So it sounds like that and the annex are good candidates for combining, and possibly having in the town hall? College of science can go wherever the science rh goes, and college of art wherever I have the glassblowing and painting "classes" (which ought to be the school, so we can have real painting class the rh!)

    So... school, art classes, uni art rh rug all on one lot. Which still lends itself to being an art gallery. Which lends itself to being a museum! But, maybe this is a good candidate for a many buildings lot instead of the big municipal building I did last time.

    Or, maybe I'm still not thinking wide enough. I want a theatre and not just the rh (I love the globe one from DV so it's not even a rug). Because of how the rh does cinema + theatre, it makes sense to have them on the same lot. Can just be a stage and have a pretend projection room the same way I build one for cinemas :) but I like the store cinema set.

    After considering how to make sure the new venetian 2nd town will look good next to the horse club/pub that's going to go down by it, I... don't want the horse club any more lmao. It's a lovely lot but it's got so much cfe going on, it's a pain to make use of. Plus it's a 64x64, the most painful of lots anyway. Oh, I spent such a terribly long time repainting it, and that was before I turned the downstairs into a toby carvery...! But I used to have it up the hill from the 2nd town, but now I put a fancy house behind the ponds (as if they were part of its gardens) and it looks so nice.

    I changed my mind again and just put the horse club/pub where the ponds were and got rid of them :) These big wet lots look cute but I never take sims to them anyway.

    I found out the stadium uni rh is just a normal one anyway lmao. So that saves me one placement :) I also found out what kinds of non-uni functions the "school of" rhs have! And, apparently the annex has handiness classes as well as being where they graduate from. And, the admin centre has no functions at all if you are not a student.

    I added the office and business school rhs to the town hall - I built some offices on the top floor and they'll be cute there. That whole lot is really just for rhs (at this point: town hall, police, military, office, school of business)

  • 08/10/2023 progress

    So I've been copying the church from Last Venue of Amore (and improving its proportions) and it looks really good! I've managed to add enough things to make it a party venue - a shit one :) The kinds of party tables and chairs you find in a church!

    I've tried about 5 different main squares for MV but I think I'm finally happy with what I've got. It's this clocktower (but taller and with a different base) and some planting and paths around it. I managed to soften the edges in a way that looks natural for this super square and formal lot. :)