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My Mods

Fallout: New Vegas

  • Cleaner Followers Coats
    Simple texture replacer
    Based on RockJB's super clean replacement textures, here's a version that looks like they bleach their clothes once in a while, but not as often as you (or they) would like. Choice of the original faded patches or RockJB's new ones.
  • Boone face mod
    Simple .esp
    This gives Boone a short beard, short hair, real eyebrows and a very slightly prettier face. It also gives him a height of 1.05, which will make your Arcade look stupid unless he's modded to be even taller.

    I have a mod for that too, which also gives Arcade real eyebrows whilst we're there. And if you'd like them combined, we'll throw in a new Julie Farkas hairstyle, free of charge!

    You can also just get Julie's green hair, if you want.

  • Refurbished Novac motel room
    Simple .esp
    Improves the Courier's room, but keeps the vanilla feeling. Removes boards from the inside and outside of the main window and adds the bathroom and kitchenette windows to the inside; adds a hot plate; tunes the radio to RNV; flips the bathroom door so it opens the right way; and a bunch of aesthetic edits, including improved but still vanilla-level lighting. Plenty of images and an alternate version with no exterior edits here on the nexus if you don't trust me unconditionally for some reason.
  • More food & drink at the Gourmand
    Simple .esp - requires Honest Hearts
    Adds some more food and drink to the bar in the Gourmand. The important thing is that it adds rum & nukas, desert salad, potatoes, and deeply incongruous packaged macaroni cheese, because that's what I'm having. (It also adds xander root, mushroom clouds, fire ant fricassee, brahmin wellington, bighorner steak and black coffee.)
  • Lucky 38 carpet UV fix
    Simple mesh replacement
    One of the pieces of the Lucky 38 walls set - NVLucky38HtlHRmWall02 - has a dodgy UV map. There's a line of a different part of the texture coming up right at the edge. The poor level designer was forced to cover it up with rugs... now you can enjoy the patterned carpet the way it was meant to look! Pics here. I discovered this in the process of my L38 suite overhaul which you can keep your eyes peeled for :D It's coming along nicely.


  • Reduced Research Costs
    Simple .mod
    Apart from tech levels, makes all research free. (No reduction to the time needed!)

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

  • Vegetarian Cooking Recipe Replacer for Skyrim and Skyrim Special Edition
    Simple .esp
    Renames craftable meat stews & dumpling, and replaces all meat recipes with vegetarian alternatives. Both versions include baked ash yam, every vegetarian's friend on Solstheim.

The Sims 2

The Sims 3

  • Monte Vista "no garlic" sign default
    Default replacement
    End the totalitarian regime forbidding Monte Vistans from eating garlic and replace it with one that makes unicorns mandatory!
    (All of the MV signs share a texture, so on the offchance that you already have a default for another, you'll need to combine them yourself. If your MV isn't decrapped and this file doesn't work for you, you can also export and re-import this texture where yours is.)
  • Chocolate birthday cake
    Default replacement
    Based on sweetdevil's defaults, this has a chocolate cake with a chocolate-hazelnut filling and rainbow candles on top, served on a gold-and-rainbow platter!
  • Monte Vista sand terrain paint
    Default replacement
    This mod replaces the BG raked sand with Monte Vista's sand, so you can use it to repair the awful world painting beneath Sunbather's Beach.