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My favourite games!

In chronological order :)

Kyrandia 2: Hand of Fate Waku Waku 7 Magical Drop 3 Fallout Catz 3 Metal Slug 2 Pharaoh Quake III: Arena The Sims Morrowind Net Thief: Deadly Shadows Zombie Smashers X2: Punx and Skins The Sims 3 Dragon Age: Origins Mount and Blade: Warband Civilization V Fallout: New Vegas Skyrim Stardew Valley Kenshi Disco Elysium Desperados 3

Flaming text reading Bad Games Hell

Or, disappointing games repository. These are former faves which I've written something about (when this page just had text and not lovingly cropped art haha).

Crusader Kings 2 (2012 - PC - Paradox)

My first exposure to this strategy game was buying the first one, possibly in Hungarian, which I don't speak... whatever the reason, I didn't get it or like it. But I loved CK2; before the later patches, at least. I really liked doing my best to simulate a court, a real court, with families there falling in and out of favour, falling on hard times or having great strokes of luck - families who weren't major players in the realm, unless/until one of them ended up someone's oldest friend/shagging someone, or was made a bishop or even a real noble, or whatever. But at some point they made it so these "unnecessary" characters were automatically and unstoppably killed off, even in your own court (I could have dealt with not populating nearby/related courts, but my own?!) And no matter what I raised the limit to in the relevant config files, it just would not stop happening. So this game is on my list frozen in amber. When it was good, it was soooooo good!

I had high hopes for CK3 before it became clear that the only real thing we were getting was cadet houses (did we even get that in the end?) I wanted a sequel to fix things like regency. In CK2, little boy kings would, with their own regent-mother's approval, sell her off as a concubine for trinkets. And, lacking her protection, promptly end up murdered. And to correct this didn't even require any new gameplay - just to fix what was there! I would love a similar game with more for female characters to do, but Paradox aren't interested in making it. I thought the representation of lovers/favourites was pretty dire, too, and I always meant to make a mod to fix that once development stopped, but by then the court limit stuff was a problem...

Stellaris (2016 - PC - Paradox)

I've fallen steadily out of love with Stellaris. I knew it was over when I considered rebuying it on GOG as I'm leaving Steam but... it's too much money for not enough fun. I have a page about my empires - that's how much I used to love it!

Starbound (pre-release) (pre-2013 - PC - Chucklefish)

The story mode in the real release, combined with all the content they removed, destroyed this game. But even since then (with the new BORING namegen) I've had plenty of fun exploring the galaxy with my first character: the ~adorable~ Floran, Space-stabber. (She's very intelligent and reasonable, for a Floran, but she also really loves to ssstab.) I wish they'd kept to the first direction they'd been taking the game - that would have been one of my actual faves with a cover picture and everything, not down here in hell.

Grand Theft Auto IV (2008 - PC - Rockstar)

I haven't played this game for a few years (ha, 9 years according to steam actually), but it's my favourite GTA game. Though, I still haven't played 5. I need to play again. This is also one of my favourite dating simulators, alongside Dragon Age: Origins and Disco Elysium

Down here in hell for music licence revoking crimes. I think I'd still like the original game if I replayed it, but I don't have the heart to just kick at its corpse like this.

Games that are down here in hell technically but more like limbo because they don't deserve it

There are former favourites that don't seem to merit a place on the real list. Even though some of the stuff that did make the cut is really more a former favourite than something I actually still play. Whole categories of games like beat 'em ups - I used to love playing Waku Waku 7, KoF '98 and Garou on MAME, and Tekken games on PS1 and PS2 - but I'm not at all interested in them any more. Waku Waku 7 has been promoted out of hell!

Creatures 2 - I don't know why Catz 3 is on the list and C2 isn't when I've played them both equally recently and even still download mods for C2, but whatever. The list is subject to change :)

And games I was once obsessed with, like Final Fantasy IX and X - I remember how I flat-out wept at the end of X... but though I've bought the remasters in recent years, I don't seem very interested in actually playing them. At one time I was a big Tropico fan, but they kept releasing the same game with the same problems so I stopped, and I guess it tainted the games I'd enjoyed, too! And nothing like that happened with Black and White (and B&W2), but I think I got really frustrated trying to manage a longterm population in similar ways...

Making this list has reminded me that I need to try that Two Point Hospital. I used to love Theme Hospital soooo much. I did!

I think the header picture might give the impression I'm more into Pokemon and Team Fortress 2 than I am. I used to be obsessed with both, at different times in my life, but I don't really enjoy either new pokemon games or revisiting my old faves of Yellow and Crystal. I still love pikachu, though (FAT pikachu, that is). And I stopped enjoying TF2 when I started finding it hard to keep up with all the new weapons.

But I still have a pikachu phone case :) And I still end up quoting my favourite stupid TF2 voicelines.

Girl gamer blues

I think one of the reasons I loved Kyrandia 2 so much was that it was probably the 2nd game I'd played with a female protagonist. The only other one I can remember from early childhood was Jill of the Jungle (1992). I liked that game a lot, and I remember enjoying it still when I revisted it as a preteen, but it's not exactly story-rich lmao. (Holy shit I was just looking up what year it came out and it's free on GOG apparently forever! I have the floppies somewhere in a cupboard, but idk if I have a drive anywhere still...)

Lara was my heroine too, but Zanthia was first :)