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My Fanfics

I have a separate page for my WIPs, including the biggest and best of all, my baby, my very overdue baby Here's To Those Who Still Believe :)


  • FO1, FO2, FO3, FNV: Maybe You'll Think of Me - multiple ships/characters
    11.6k, 6 chapters, rated T for themes of trauma and bereavement
    A series of vignettes on family ties and the power of stories. Centred around Natalia Dubrovhsky and her descendants, including Catherine and Boone.
  • Fallout: New Vegas

  • And I've Got No Defence For It - Boone/Female Courier
    13.8k, 3 chapters, rated E for explicit sex
    The Courier and Boone's trip to Vault 22 goes very badly wrong. But maybe there's a silver lining to this (spore) cloud.
  • As Sure As We Live - Boone/Female Courier
    7.4k, rated E for explicit sex
    Boone's not sure of much any more, but he's sure this is yet another mistake. But maybe he's wrong about that, too?
  • Nothing New - Arcade & Boone/Female Courier
    14.2k, rated T for... swearing? drugs?
    Arcade, Boone and the Courier uncover the secrets of Vault 22. (And then set them on fire mostly.) [This is an excerpt from HTTWSB chapter 10!]
  • Deep in the Heart of Me - Arcade/Boone
    9.2k, rated E for explicit sex
    Boone is a pessimist, but even he can't really imagine anything will go wrong on his second visit to Vault 22. Anyway, if it does? Gannon will know what to do.

Dragon Age: Origins

  • Warmth - Alistair/Zevran
    5.1k, rated T for innuendo
    Alistair isn't sure about sharing a room with Zevran.

Dragon Age: Inquisition

  • Gold and Steel - Lavellan/Josephine
    ~800 words, rated T for swordfighting I guess
    Adaia Lavellan knows she can win this duel. Her friends and mentors are with her - even the ones who didn't accompany her to Val Royeaux.

Ocean's Trilogy

  • Gamble - Danny/Terry
    100 words, rated M for not-very-explicit sex
    Danny probably shouldn't keep going back.