我经常收到想制作他们第一个移动应用程序的人的电子邮件。电子邮件通常是这样开始的:“我有一个要开发的应用程序…”如果你想制作你的第一个应用程序,你有个主意,here is what to think about next.

1。Are you making an app to promote an existing business or to make money from it?

您希望您的应用程序成为现有业务的促销工具吗?If your app will showcase your car dealership,boat club,当地酒吧或社区中心,then the fastest way to get it done is probably to hire a local app development company to make it for you.You don't need to learn too much about the process.Just show them some apps that you like in the store,and bring along the text,photos and videos you want in your app.If you can,try to design your app to do something useful.苹果已经收紧了很多,并且不会发布主要是营销材料的应用程序。如果你想要尽可能多的下载,将应用程序的价格设置为“免费”。Then once it's live tell all your customers about it.

你的主要目标是从你的应用程序赚钱?If you want to make money,the app should not be targeted towards one country.你不会通过创建一个关于苏格兰山脉的应用程序来赚钱的。或者爱尔兰的酒吧。在一开始就不要为季节性活动制作应用程序。为了实现收入最大化,从小处做起,用你的前几个应用程序作为实践教育。你可以购买源代码,重新链接它通过更新并发布所有图形,通常每个应用程序的价格低于500-1000美元。你花得越少,你的盈利速度越快。理想情况下,每个应用程序在前几个应用程序上的花费不超过500美元。通过查看最热门的图表来研究目前商店中流行的产品是降低风险的一个很好的方法,and make an app type that already has proven market demand.当然,你能做的工作越多,你省的钱越多on developers.

2。如果你做一个iPhone应用程序,an Android app,or both?

Android and iPhone/iPad use different languages so most people usually choose to develop one at the beginning to keep costs down.如果你想赚钱,现在选择iPhone/iPad。根据我的经验,it's more difficult to get downloads and revenue from an Android app.进一步了解如何制作iPhone应用程序. But if you think Android suits your market demographic better,choose Android development.If you want the app to promote a business,认真考虑Android。There are no ‘reviews' prior to your app being published,and your app will go live automatically about 20 minutes after you have submitted it.Instant gratification in the mobile world.


不同应用程序类别的定价方式不同。免费在游戏和娱乐中非常流行,特别是在Android。除非它是一个极其复杂的利基应用程序,最安全的选择是制作两个版本,paid and free.See which makes you the most money and work from there.从一个免费的应用程序开始赚钱,I would recommend puttingwww.chartboost.com,网址:www.playhaven.comandwww. RevMab.com在应用程序中添加广告网络。After a few months once you get up to speed,you can experiment with in-app purchases and other monetization options.如果你想要最多的下载量,make your app free.

4.What kind of app should you make?

从你的应用程序中赚钱的最好方法是在你开始开发它之前知道你的应用程序有市场需求。每天去美国iTunes商店,看看上面的自由,最高工资,以及你感兴趣的类别中最赚钱的应用程序。Download the apps and play with them.Are people downloading the type of app you want to make?If they are not,maybe put that idea aside and move on to your next app idea.不要爱上一个主意。(If you do,only make it from the profit you have earned from your other apps!).从我的经验和与许多其他开发人员的交谈中,最具创收潜力的类别,无论是广告还是应用程序内购买,是游戏。如果你想开创自己的应用业务,that's probably the best tip I can give you.


If you want to start an app business,then I would advise that you start to了解如何制作应用程序。Learn the common pitfalls and应用程序市场如何运作.从成功的故事和他们为达到目标所做的事情中学习。You can lose a lot of money in the beginning paying developers WAY too much money to make an app if you do not have a基础知识of what's involved and how much effort it should take.退房Chocolate Labdeveloper blog for insights and tips,教你自己如何重新设计游戏,如何将广告与我们的udemy课程结合起来。亚博网站学习XCODE,重新设计iPhone游戏,整合广告并上传到苹果(免费预览)。

如果你只想做一个应用,for example to promote a business,you probably want to hire a team.本地招聘可能是最容易的,但可能会花费更多。Outsourcing has its own challenges but may come with a lower cost.组建一个我使用的团队www.oDesk.com.This is a huge freelancing site full of artists,开发人员和你能想象的所有其他类型的自由职业者。The quality of your team's skills will be critical,所以继续寻找承包商,直到你把AAA level team.


Aim to create a portfolio of successful apps,rather than putting all of your energy into one big app.保持低风险和高成功率。开始的时候,从许多小应用程序中赚钱比从一个大应用程序中赚钱容易。你会从你发布的每一个应用中学到很多,so the quality of your apps will keep increasing.你会犯错误,吸取宝贵的教训。So keep your costs low at the start so you don't bankrupt yourself.我只花了6美元就创建并发布了一个应用程序。It is possible.通过自己学习基本的编码技能you cansave a lot of money.Aim to be profitable as fast as you can,ideally in 14 days after launch.不要花6,12个月或18个月的时间,一个人努力让你的应用程序变得完美。完成应用程序的一小部分,可能只有一个模块或章节,and upload it to the store straightaway.快速船。客户的反馈对你来说是无价的。Validate your assumptions – pricing,app type,设计,主题,features,marketing material,etc – as soon as possible.你从出版过程中学到的信息,以及确认你的货币化选择是正确的,这些信息将使你能够做出更有教育意义的选择,并在未来增加你的收入。

Common concerns from people making an app for the first time:

  • "There is an app like mine in the store already :("这是个好消息。Go to the websitewww.topappcharts.comand type in the name of the app.如果它不在任何一个同类产品的顶级排名中,then you've just saved yourself a lot of time and money,现在你已经发现对这种应用类型的需求并不像你希望的那样强烈。“我真的认为我的应用程序想法是不可思议的,我仍然想实现它。”Ok,热情好极了!What you need to do now is to put that idea in a drawer.如果这是个致命的想法,你想给它每一次成功的机会。所以在接下来的两个月里,计划发布10个小型应用程序。A good way to keep costs low is tobuy source code on the internet,更改图形,整合广告并自己上传,或者雇一个开发人员投放广告,so you can start to earn money.两个月后,你将更加了解,希望能盈利,在一个更好的位置来公正地对待你的大应用的想法。If you want to do justice to you app,它必须看起来不可思议。It should look like it was made by a multimillion dollar studio.People downloadbeautifully designed apps.
  • "I don't have any money."仍然可以制作应用程序。The cheapest way to get started is to use the machine you have right now.If you have a mac,build iPhone/iPad apps.如果你有电脑,build Android apps.You do not need to buy a smartphone in the beginning.您使用的软件(Xcode和Eclipse)使应用程序带有一个免费的电话模拟器,这样您就可以在Mac或PC上查看应用程序。要构建应用程序,open an account withwww.buzztouch.com网站,which is a very affordable online app builder,and one of the best in the market.To publish an app,你需要支付安卓25美元,或者苹果99美元的开发许可。
  • “我有这个应用程序的想法,但我不想告诉你万一你偷了它。” 不要经常这样说:)而是说“我有一个关于摄影/健康/游戏/娱乐iPhone/Android应用的想法。Do you have any experience publishing apps in this area?"

做对了,有很多艰苦的工作要做,你会沉迷于你的笔记本电脑。开始时有一个陡峭的学习曲线,你可能好久不见你的家人和朋友了。But if you can stick it out and start getting things working,这绝对值得。在这个领域最成功的人尽可能快地学习and execute every day.


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